Jun-Nicole Matsushita

Someone's feeling a little crabby

Jun-Nicole Matsushita

  • Age: 33
  • Lives in: Iowa City
  • Occupation: Doula and founder of Help Us Give Slings, or HUGS
  • Favorite things: The selendang baby carriers she created

As a doula and the founder of Help Us Give Slings, or HUGS, Jun-Nicole Matsushita dedicates much of her life to helping mothers.

So it should come as little surprise that her boys, Khai, 4, and Khoi, 2, are what make Matsushita laugh the most. Matsushita said simply watching her boys play together never fails to make her laugh and smile.

“I like seeing how they’re interacting, their facial expressions,” she said. “How they use words in their own way.”

Matsushita said her sons love to collect bugs and to dig in the dirt pile at their Iowa City home. They also enjoy building with wood, blocks, furniture or just about “anything they can climb on or under.”

However, one memory that always makes Matushita laugh is when her husband brought home a crab.

“We were laughing and having fun when Khai introduced himself and then named the crab,” Matsushita recalls. “Then he jumped when the crab reared its claws and Khoi ran away.”

Matsushita grew up in Austria and said she has seen how humor is different in other countries. She tries to use humor every day just to keep things “really light.”

“I think humor goes hand and hand with thinking positively,” she said.

— Lee Hermiston